• Each soap has it's own unique look.....

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Each soap has it's own unique look.....

Because it's Made by Hand

Lets take care of You...

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Cured to Perfection

"So relaxing!"

Really loved this soap, made my skin feel very smooth & refreshed. Will definitely use everyday! I also loved the scent!

"Beautiful packaging, clean ingredients, and effective."

I recently received my first order and all I can say is Wow! Beautiful packaging, clean ingredients, and effective. Not only do they smell great, but they have really improved my skin and is already noticeably less dry.

"Love it!"

Very soothing and I love the scent!

"Great mens bar"

Smells really good and the apricot seeds inside are awesome. Feels like my skin is really getting cleaned

"It's like liquid silk!"

The Lavender and Camomile is so relaxing because it’s so smooth and creamy. It’s like liquid silk!

Tender Love and Care

Handmade soaps truly are a dream. When made with love, they leave you feeling amazing. Which is why I take my time on each batch and I formulate recipes just for you.

100% pure and natural. Don't forget to checkout my Catalog!

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